Machined Speical Bolt supplier

How much do you know about special bolts? Today, the Machined Speical Bolt supplier editor will take you to a brief understanding.
Special bolts, including a head and a shaft, the head is arranged on the left end of the shaft, the middle end of the shaft is provided with a raised meson, the left side of the shaft is an intermediate polished rod, and the shaft is The right side is the threaded part, the meson is arranged at the middle end of the connection between the middle polished rod part and the threaded part, the right side of the threaded part is also connected with a bolt insertion end, and the connection between the head and the shaft part A connecting bump is provided, the end of the connecting bump close to the shaft portion is provided with an inclined angle, and the head includes a tightening head and a circular boss.

The above is the editor of Machined Speical Bolt supplier: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of special bolts.