quality HDG Slotted Head Screw introduces the classification knowledge of screws

How much do you know about the classification of screws? Follow the editor of quality HDG Slotted Head Screw to have a simple understanding!
1. Self-tapping lock screw
Self-tapping locking screws not only have self-tapping effect, but also have low screw-in torque and high locking performance. Its thread has a triangular cross-section, and the surface of the screw is hardened and has high hardness. Its thread specifications are M2~M12.
2. Self-tapping screws
When the self-tapping screw is used on the connected part, the connected part may not be threaded in advance. When connecting, use screws to tap the threads directly. It is often used to join thin metal plates. There are two types of tapping screws with taper end and tapping screws with flat end.

3. Eyebolts
The eyebolt is a kind of hardware accessory for load-bearing during installation and transportation. When in use, the screw must be screwed to the position where the supporting surface fits tightly. No tools are allowed to be tightened, and no load perpendicular to the plane of the lifting ring is allowed to act on it.
4. Cross recessed ordinary screws
It has similar functions to ordinary slotted screws and can be replaced with each other, but the cross-slotted ordinary screws have higher groove strength, are not easy to be bald, and have a more beautiful appearance. When in use, the cross-shaped screwdriver must be used for loading and unloading.
The above is the editor of quality HDG Slotted Head Screw: a brief introduction to the classification of screws.