CISCO Stamping Part introduces the design principles of stamping parts

Do you know what the design principles of stamping parts are? Follow the editor of the CISCO Stamping Part to have a simple understanding!
1. The designed stamping parts need to meet the product use and technical performance, and can be easily assembled and repaired.
2. The designed stamping parts need to help improve the utilization rate of metal materials, reduce the variety and specifications of materials, and reduce the consumption of materials as much as possible. Use low-cost materials where permitted, and make the parts as waste-free and waste-less as possible.

3. The designed stamping parts need to be simple in shape and reasonable in structure in order to simplify the mold structure and simplify the number of processes, that is, use the least and simple stamping process to complete the processing of the entire part, reduce the use of other methods to process, and facilitate the stamping operation , To facilitate the organization of mechanized and automated production to improve labor productivity.
4. When the designed stamping parts can be used normally, the dimensional accuracy level and surface roughness level are as low as possible, and it is conducive to product interchange, reducing waste and ensuring stable product quality.
5. The designed stamping parts should be conducive to the use of existing equipment, process equipment and process flow as much as possible to process them, and is conducive to the extension of the service life of the die.
The above is about the CISCO Stamping Part editor: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the design principles of stamping parts.