How to Select Big Round Head Screw

Big Round Head Screw is a tool for progressively tightening machine parts using the physical and mathematical principles of the oblique circular rotation and friction of the object.Big Round Head Screw is a common fastener and is widely used in machinery, electrical appliances and buildings.General material is metal or plastic, cylindrical, surface engraved with concave and convex grooves called threads.

Selecting the Big Round Head Screw first determines that the screw and nut fit, i.e. five elements are the same: nominal diameter, options, pitch, number of lines, tooth profile.

Color: Big Round Head Screw uses different scenes and chooses different colors because it needs to be similar to the color of the connected item

Big Round Head Screw Length: Too short, too little bite, too long may interfere with other parts.

Big Round Head Screw head type selection, some will consider disassembly, may use hexagon or other special shape, some will consider the appearance.

Big Round Head Screw may need to choose a drop-resistant screw or a shim screw if it needs to be secured

Other requirements of Big Round Head Screw, such as hardening, salt spray test requirements.

In a word, the selection of different Big Round Head Screw needs to be analyzed in detail. According to the actual conditions on site, the suitable screws should be selected according to the nominal diameter, length, pitch, line number and tooth type.